Attend Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and MIT for Free: The Best Free Online Courses

With today’s technology, getting an Ivy League quality education is as simple as a quick search on the internet. For those looking to advance their careers or are just intuitively curious and hungry for learning, make sure to check out these available online courses for free now.

Harvard Extension

From poetry to computer science, Harvard Extension offers online courses and classes for free. Most of the classes you can attend are the exact courses being taught in Harvard right now. Those looking for accreditation or certification should definitely look into the list of free online courses they are offering.

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Open Yale Courses

Free online courses from Yale University come with supplementary material such as videos and print outs that will make your education more immersive. Though their online courses are quite limited compared to other sites, these free classes are definitely top notch.

MIT OpenCourseWare

Those looking for free online classes that are centered around information technology should look no further than MIT OpenCourseWare. The free online classes that can be found at their site comes with many videos and course materials that you can use any time. You can also choose to receive RSS updates regarding your choses courses to continue learning with MIT professors.


Coursera offers courses and online classes for just about any topic you can think of. These are gathered from universities all around the world and offered for free to anyone willing to learn and better themselves.

Kahn Academy

Like Coursera, Kahn Academy gathers online classes and courses from the world’s top universities so people like you and me can learn from them for free. The list of free online classes is endless and is continually updated almost every day.