How to Earn a Big Salary with Online Degrees

Choosing which online colleges to attend is hard enough, but it gets even more complicated when choosing which online degrees to take. A good way to approach this problem is to look into the current trend of employment—which jobs are in-demand, high-paying, and can turn into satisfying careers. So, we’ve listed the 4 best jobs you can get with an online degree. Hopefully, this will make your decision much easier.

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses earn a median salary of $65,690. It is one of the most secure and in-demand jobs in the country. The need for registered nurses will continue to rise in coming years according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Although you will eventually need some mandatory field training to become a fully registered nurse, most prerequisite classes can be taken online.

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Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Analysts require a good mix of IT knowledge and interpersonal skills. These aren’t your regular, socially awkward computer nerds. With a median salary of $78,770, CSA’s have been in-demand ever since computers were invented. Those hoping to land this job must possess at least a bachelor’s degree from any online colleges in the information technology field.

Market Research Analyst

Any good market research analyst must have impeccable knowledge on how a given market reacts to different products. They are experts in analyzing how people think, make choices, and form habits due to influences around them. A typical market research analyst earn $60,250 per year and is currently ranked as the 21st most sought after professional today. Try seeking online degrees such as business administration if you want to become a market research analyst.

Public Relations Specialist

The demand for public relations specialists is said to grow by 23% by 2020. These experts are fluent in the “art of the sell.” They are often good at communicating through written or oral forms, and keep a cool head no matter who they’re interacting with. Public relations specialists can look forward to earning around $53,190 per year right when they get out of online colleges. Those seeking this position should take online degrees related to advertising and public relations.