Online Colleges You Can Afford Right Now

Everyone knows college is very expensive. For those of us who are unwilling to go into debt just so we can earn a degree, here are the 5 most affordable online colleges you can attend today.

Not only does our list consist of affordable online colleges, these schools have also received high reviews, so can be sure that you’ll be getting quality, yet affordable, education.

1. The University of Cumberlands

The University of Cumberlands offer programs for $199 per credit hour. They offer various degrees and some certification programs, which can all be earned online. Those looking for online colleges that have a great Business Administration and Management program should consider attending this school.

2. Fort Hays University

You can take online classes from Fort Hays University for $185.50 per credit hour. This amounts to just $2,797.50 per semester. Business Administration and Organizational Leadership courses are the most popular out of the 21 different online degree program they offer.

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3. Valley City State University

VCSU has been around since the 2000 – 2001 school year. Currently, students are only paying $168 per credit hour to attend this online college. Education is the most popular online degree this school offers, together with eight other degree and certification programs.

4. Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Known as the most veteran-friendly online colleges in the country, NSU students only have to pay $2,467 per semester. General Studies and Psychology remain the most popular programs among the other 13 bachelor’s level online degrees offered.

5. Aspen University

This online college’s goal is to make tuition affordable enough so that most people can pursue higher education. At $125 per credit hour, Aspen University remains the most affordable online colleges in the country. Aspen offers 12 online degrees in business, criminal justice, general studies, health, nursing, and education.